how do braces fix an overbite

An overbite can be a cause for concern for many people. how do braces fix an overbite which  can lead to jaw pain, difficulty chewing, and even problems with speech. You are not alone if you wonder how braces fix an overbite. Many people want to know the answer to this question. This blog post will discuss how braces can help correct an overbite and improve oral health!

how do braces fix an overbite
how do braces fix an overbite

Braces work by applying pressure to the teeth and jaw. This pressure helps to move the teeth into their proper position. In some cases, braces may also help with the jaw’s alignment. By correcting the position of the teeth and jaw, braces can help improve your oral health and reduce any pain or discomfort.


Overbites, malocclusions, and cross-over of the upper teeth correspond to the lower teeth. They can be innate and can likewise be made by abnormality of the jaw due to delayed pacifier use, bottle taking care, or thumb sucking during youth. An overbite can likewise be caused in grown-ups while biting on things like stogies, fingernails, and ice is a propensity. Grating the teeth can likewise cause an overbite, as can temporomandibular joint brokenness (TMJ).

Overbites can be even or vertical. This is an even overbite when top teeth cross over the base teeth. At the point when top teeth distend over base teeth, this is an upward overbite. An overbite is either brought about by a dental condition like crowding or a skeletal issue with the jaw.

how do braces fix an overbite
Dental braces on teeth of 14 years old child. Model released.

Dental overbites are the most well-known and can be fixed with Invisalign, which are clear aligners that gradually fix your teeth. Skeletal overbites, then again, require jaw surgery to fix. This is an intrusive strategy and should just be viewed as a final hotel.

how do braces fix an overbite

Overbites can cause a wide range of issues, including:

– difficulty biting or chewing food

– pain in the jaw


– headaches

– gum disease

– tooth enamel wear and tear

if left untreated, an overbite can lead to more severe problems like speech impairments and trouble breathing. Therefore, seeking treatment for an overbite is essential as soon as possible.

The most common treatment for an overbite is braces. Braces work by gradually aligning the teeth and correcting the bite. In some cases, jaw surgery may be necessary to correct a severe overbite. However, this should only be considered as a last resort.

If you think you may have an overbite, you must see a dentist or orthodontist as soon as possible. They can diagnose the problem and recommend the best course of treatment.

How do braces fix an overbite?

Braces are the most common treatment for an overbite. By gradually aligning the teeth, braces can correct the bite and improve the function and appearance of the teeth.

how do braces fix an overbite

uniquely shaped wires are used to move the teeth into their correct positions gradually

braces put pressure on the teeth and jawbone, which helps the teeth to move over time

wearing braces can be uncomfortable at first, but most people adjust quickly

braces are usually worn for one to two years, depending on how severe the overbite is*

This condition has several symptoms, some of which include:

  • Short and round face shape
  • Chin appears to be too small for the face
  • Pain in the jaw
  • Slurred speech

A patient with an overbite may also look angry, even though they are not. This is because the top teeth overlap the bottom teeth, giving the appearance of a scowl.

There are several treatment options available for patients with an overbite. These include:

– Wearing braces

– Undergoing surgery

– Using a retainer

– Getting Invisalign aligners

Aligners are a popular treatment option for patients with an overbite because they are nearly invisible and can be removed for eating and brushing your teeth. If you are considering aligners to treat your overbite, be sure to consult with an orthodontist to see if they are the right treatment option for you.


how do braces fix an overbite
steel dental braces on teeth of upper jaw of girl closeup cutout on white background

If you are looking for a more discreet way to treat your overbite, you may want to consider invisible braces. Invisible braces are made of clear plastic and fit snugly over your teeth. They are virtually undetectable and can be removed for eating and do braces fix an overbite

how do braces fix an overbite
how do braces fix an overbite

Like traditional braces, invisible braces put pressure on the teeth and jawbone to gradually move the teeth into their correct positions. However, because they are less visible, many people find them more comfortable and accessible to adjust to than traditional braces.

If you are considering invisible braces to treat your overbite, be sure to consult with an orthodontist.

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how do braces fix an overbite
how do braces fix an overbite

Lingual braces are placed on the tongue side of teeth and are therefore not visible from the front. They work by moving the teeth from the inside out and can be used to correct different types of malocclusions. Because they are less visible, lingual braces may be a good option for people who are concerned about how they will look while wearing braces.

INVISALIGN:how do braces fix an overbite

Invisalign is a type of clear aligner that is virtually invisible when worn. Invisalign aligners are custom-made for each individual and designed to gradually move teeth into the desired position. Because they are clear, Invisalign aligners are less noticeable than metal braces.