how long to fast for health benefits:dr mindy Pelz fasting chart

how long to fast for health benefits,

how long to fast for health benefits
how long to fast for health benefits

women are perishing in this modern world more than men.

how long to fast for health benefits: dr mindy Pelz fasting chart: Question Answer session part 1

Terrifying if we want to exist on this planet, we’re going to have Dr. Mindy Peltz, renowned functional health expert, bestselling also, and keynote speaker, one of the leading voices in educating us

about our bodies spending two decades helping Millions worldwide you got pretty famous from talking about this

particular subject matter, which is fasting. What do I need to know? Research shows it’s going to make me more muscular and lean

One thousand three hundred percent increase in testosterone in men. Oh wow, we see inflammation go down, growth hormone goes up, the hormone that keeps you young and helps you burn fat. Do you know where it dropped the most

amount of weight belly, yep literally takes cells that are turning into cancer, and it gets rid of those you are tapping

into a healing state that you never knew was there; I’m sold on where I start, so the first place to start is menstruation, or the Big M is considered a taboo topic. I’m going today. Something is really embarrassing here. I know nothing about menstrual cycles. What advice have you got for me? Well, the first is, do you know her cycle moving on? Tell me about your childhood. Let me give you gold the first two days

give her some space. If you have any conflict you want to resolve with her, do it between day two and day 12. her

libido will be the highest between day 10 and day 15. and then here’s the goal you’re going to have to report back to me how this works around

day 17. this is where you got it. Once in a while, on this podcast, I have 

a conversation that I desperately wish I’d had sooner. This is one of those

conversations I’d heard about fasting, but I had no idea of its

potentially life-changing impact on weight loss on your sex life. A woman’s menstrual

cycle, how to heal from illness and injury, the incredible power of fasting

I’m delighted that you chose to listen to this particular conversation because if you’re like me and you’ve

never really taken the time to understand fasting, and you don’t understand the six types of fasting, then

maybe this is the conversation you’ve always needed to hear because it certainly was for me. You are going to enjoy this one. Could you take my word for it?

What mission are you on, and why does it matter?

Mindy: how long to fast for health benefits

If you took the whole body of work that you’ve produced over the last, let’s say, 10 years and the work that you’re going

to produce over the next 10 years, and you had to summarize the mission that you’re on and why it

matters, how would you do that well? That’s a great question

um, I’m trying to empower people to believe in themselves again, and I want to do that through everything in

our lifestyle that Taps into our body’s ability to heal itself; we’ve gotten

so far, of course, we don’t even realize that we’re giving so much of our health power away, our happiness power away and

all we’ve got to do is come back home to ourselves and learn that every single thing inside of us, every cell every

neuron everything is working for us, not against us, and we have to stop villainizing our body. We got to figure

out how to believe in ourselves again. We’re the ones that are going to save ourselves, and we’ve just lost our way

what we have fallen into the Trap of believing well in the healthy World? We’ve 

fallen into the Trap that if I take this pill, diet, exercise, and

exercise, then that will cure me. Nobody cures you. You cure yourself, and

so you have to start to look at the human body as this self-healing organism that’s always figuring out how to keep

you alive, how to keep you at your best, and if you’re not feeling at your best, then the only thing you to look at is

that there’s an interference, there’s a physical, emotional, spiritual, chemical interference that is pulling you away

from this power that’s inside of you so that you can start to heal Once you pull

those away, you see yourself in a whole new light. This is what fasting did for millions of people. You see

yourself so differently in what you’re capable of doing. Where have we gone wrong in terms of our

Where did we go wrong as humans?

Attitude towards what it is to be a human because, you know, I often think much of the

health advice that is thrown at us these days has this underlying belief that, like, in some way, we’re broken, yeah

yeah, oh my I so agree with you. It’s the message that you did something wrong, so you have a genetic profile that you’re doomed to have; you know a

disastrous outcome, and everything is exogenously blamed on us. That comes from not only our Health Care system and, and I’m not trying to bash the Health Care System, but we have lost our way, and it comes from women specifically. It comes

from the messaging we get from, you know, social media and magazines, like everything is outside in, we got to go

inside out now and start asking what we want on a physical, spiritual, emotional

level so that we can create the life we want and stop looking outside for the answers. We got to go within. I love that

inside-out living; talking about this makes you pretty famous.

Fasting: how long to fast for health benefits

This specific subject matter is fasting; yeah, now I want to talk about fasting because I’ve heard about it and

I’m sure I represent a lot of my audience right now. I’ve heard the term fasting. I’ve heard loads of people in

recent times over the last, I’d say, two years, get excited about it and say that it’s a good thing, yeah but

that’s the extent of my knowledge on the subject, so let’s start immediately. You mean you wrote a book called

fast like a girl, you’ve got so much content out on the internet about fasting for both men and women

this book was written in 2022. Why. Why why are you so focused on

fasting, why do I need to care about it? What’s it going to do for me? It’s the quickest antidote to what we just said

if we’ve got all this physical, emotional chemical stress coming at us, we’ve got

taste buds we’ve got to change, we’ve got behaviors we have to change, there’s a lot there

but I can show you how to compress your eating window into a 10-hour eating window leaving 14 hours for fasting

something as simple as 14 hours, and I can show you how you can start to heal yourself without money, without time

it’s like you are tapping into a healing state that you never knew was

there and I think part of why we’ve had so many people pour onto YouTube and so

many women gravitate to the book is that it’s so once you learn how to fast

you start to see your body in this whole new way. It can heal itself so

for me, fasting became this incredible tool that everybody could do

and we just had to learn how to do it. The women that I’m watching that are just dropping, I mean, men and women

hundreds of pounds and medications they’re getting off of and mental health that’s coming back just because I taught them how to compress their eating window and leave a long rest so their body can repair. That is all each individual is doing; I didn’t do that. I’m the type of person.

The research on fasting: how long to Fast for health benefits

 I believe things. I’m one of those people, and once I’ve got the stats or some scientific evidence

then I’m all in beautiful what do I need to know from a scientific standpoint? What

research has been done on fasting, okay, so let’s go through the basic principle of fasting, and I think this

will help everybody is that you have two metabolisms, so you burn Energy when you

eat, and you burn Energy when you don’t eat, but there are two different mechanisms

so when you eat like, let’s use me as an example. I had eggs and some avocado around 11 o’clock today so

that’s going to bring my blood sugar up now. As my blood sugar starts to drop, what’s going to happen is my body’s going to

switch over to this other Energy System, and I call this the fat-burning Energy

The system I call this the sugar burner Energy System when it switches over into

this fat burning Energy System starts to make a byproduct called a ketone

and that Ketone will go up into the brain and starts to repair your brain. What most people don’t realize is

your brain needs 50 ketones and 50 glucose, so you’re giving a fuel source

to your brain that it desperately needs, which is why people, when they fast are like their mental Clarity goes up their

cognition improves, their brain fog goes away because you’re giving a fuel source to your brain that may

never had been given before. It takes about eight somewhere between

eight hours to metabolically switch over into this fat-burning Place, Place Ah, okay so

if I’m doing a podcast and I want to be sharp, yes, I shouldn’t eat eight hours before, Yes ah

did you come back in seven hours? Seven out? Yeah yeah

sure, I should have given you the memo before we got here, yeah so I think of it

like a hybrid car, you know you you’re you switch over into this fat-burning plPlaceace, so at eight hours, you start to

make the switch by about 12 hours. Your body’s now starting to make a good dose

of ketones, the brain is excited, so you’re getting that mental Clarity ketones to turn off the hunger hormone so

also, when you switch over, there’s going to be a point at which you’re not hungry, and that all happens in about 12

hours but you’re also if you stay there a little longer if you stay there and you go 14 hours 15 hours, so check this

out research shows at 15 hours, we see growth hormone go up okay growth hormone

growth hormone is the hormone that keeps you young and helps you burn fat. We also see in men a thirteen hundred percent increase in

testosterone just from somewhere between a 13 to 15-hour or fast

13 percent increase in natural testosterone stores, and we can explain why that happens in a moment, and then we

start to see inflammation go down, so all of a sudden, if you have people who have joints that are hurting, they start

doing 15 hours of fasting every day, and they’re like, God, you know my joints don’t have that same stiffness in them

anymore but if you stay in that fasted window, you keep going for 17 hours. Your brilliant

the body turns within, and it goes wait for a second; no food’s coming in. We better get more robust so it takes this the

bad cells, the cells that are slowing you down, the cells that are turning into cancer, and it gets rid of those that are

called senescent cells, and it recycles them out of your system and it goes into the cells that are still

usable, and it makes them stronger it fixes the intercellular parts we call that autophagy, and that was the

if you want stats, the Nobel Prize in 2015 by Japanese scientist Dr osumi he

Awarded the Nobel Prize for Medicine and Physiology, this term is called autophagy, and that’s when you go without

the food your cell, your cells will heal themselves was back in 2015.

so I want to go into all of that. I want to start with why fasting helps so much and I like

what I’m getting at here is if this if the effects of this are so profound in so many ways, then where did we go

wrong because from what I know have been told breakfast, lunch, dinner, yeah, breakfast, lunch, dinner, and then maybe

you know, dessert, yeah, and then you know, yeah, that’s the narrative that I was brought up on; yeah, well, breakfast is the

most important meal of the day. I’ve done a lot of research on that phrase. Do you know where it came from? No, it was

actually, and I don’t mean to diss any companies out there, but it was a tagline that they came up with for cornflakes

for Kellogg’s Corn Flakes back in the 1970s, they needed a tagline that made

people eat cornflakes in the morning, so they came up with cornflakes breakfast is the essential meal of

the day and that has continued until this day. We: how long to fast for health benefits

I can’t find any research, and many other fasting experts, many other blood sugar experts will tell you the same

the thing there’s just no research showing that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so that became that

became a myth that we need to bust second myth we’ve been taught is you can

speed your metabolism up the more you eat six meals a day. Remember that one

okay, also a myth. There is no evidence that the more you eat, the faster your

metabolism will be fat. If you want a faster metabolism, you must know how to switch metabolically. You need to know

The secret to turning your sugar burner into a fat burner and that’s where you start to lose weight so that’s the second the

other myth that I feel like we have to break apart and then we have this, you know, I can tell you as a mother and I

and this is, you know, not for anybody to have mommy guilt, but what we do as parents is we have certain statements we

please make to our kids like you know breakfast, dinner’s being served, the kitchen’s closing in an hour

um you need to eat lunch, you need to eat breakfast like we are programmed when to

eat by a clock, not by our internal senses, so kids are raised to eat

according to a clock not according to when they want to eat um we don’t say am I hungry right now

that’s so true. We will wait until 1 pm to have lunch, and in the morning, we wake up

we feel like we have to have breakfast, we’re doing something wrong, yep, and then dinner time, you know, anytime between, I know, six and eight

we have to sit down and eat again, or we’re doing something wrong yep, like, have you liked it if you unwind

that, yeah, where did that come from? Right from your parents, and it came from a

what did my ancestors do before my parents and the schedules existed? I can tell you exactly what they

what did they do? They came out of the cave. I’m going to go back to our Primal friends, go back to Arcade friends

they came out of a cave; they didn’t have a refrigerator, they didn’t have a pantry, didn’t they have to go

find food, did they have any baits? Didn’t they have uber eats? Yeah, I’m pretty sure they didn’t have uber eats, but what

they did are they came out of the cave and they went hunting for food sometimes they could make a kill really

quickly and bring it home, and they would feast. Sometimes the kill wasn’t as easy and

they had to go far to find an animal to kill exercise, but what did they do when they

had to go super far, and they couldn’t get the food, they switched over to this ketogenic Energy System and that

ketogenic Energy System supercharged them because every cell in the human body is the number one priority of our

cells are survival, so we were built to ensure we could stay alive without food.

how long to fast for health benefits


how long to fast for health benefits

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